Interactive Ad Hoc Reports

Advanced Adhoc Reporting Tools

Once you understand your HR survey’s strengths, areas of improvement and overall trends, adhoc tools can be used to dig further into the organizational structure, demographics, categories, and items to uncover key groups or items that are driving your scores. You can create dynamic views of your data by displaying various results located in different reports together into one centralized report.

A common use of this tool is to see trending and historical data; how your results are comparing over time. Using the advanced adhoc tools, you can create rollup groups to aggregate data that normally does not sit together.

Use our Ad Hoc Reporting tools to:

  • Rank order various surveys to spot which areas are driving your scores up or down within specific categories or items
  • Compare various demographic sub-populations within your overall group and/or across multiple surveys to spot trends
  • Compare results against other available internal or external benchmarks for additional insights
  • Create one-page summaries of key results for distribution to management
  • Determine targeted areas for action planning