Comment Analytics

While quantitative data tends to take center stage in research, an equally important part of the story is what people have to say beyond just their survey response-scale clicks.  Open-ended questions are an integral part of good employee research and should be included.

We highly encourage the use of asking specific open ended questions or comments as opposed to generally worded comments. By asking the open-ended questions in a more specific way, an opportunity for more actionable data is created. In the OnDemand system, you can customize your open-ended questions and tailor them to fit your survey needs.

Below are sample open-ended questions found to be effective in employee engagement research:

  • Please tell us how we can improve your employee experience here at ABC Company.
  • If you could change one thing, please tell us what you would change about working at ABC Company.
  • Please tell us about your greatest challenge working here at ABC Company.
  • What is one thing that would make ABC Company a better place to work?
  • Please tell us what you value most about working at ABC Company.
  • What is the most important part about working at ABC Company to you?

Text analytics can be challenging when handling large amounts of comments. Our text analytical systems make it easy to review with verbatim comments, sentiment and word cloud summaries. Additional tools allow you to filter by demographics or drill into verbatim comments for deeper insights.

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