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There is not one perfect recipe that links engagement initiatives with overall business success. That is why at Kantar, we help you craft a holistic engagement approach & methodology shaped around your organizational vision and goals. When transitioning to a new survey provider, it may be critical for you to retain some or all prior survey items, history, calculation methods, report layouts, visualizations, etc. We meet you exactly where you are in your current engagement journey, and at the same time, gladly share our expertise, research, and recommendations to help you achieve your goals and objectives faster and in more engaging ways!

Employee Survey Methodology and Approach


Our approach is truly transformational. Our team will help you build an employee engagement plan that starts from your business’ core strategies and values, while combining the many tactical and logistical tasks required to develop and refine your survey process. With strategic guidance and insights at every step, we are focused on the bigger picture of helping you construct a culture of engagement and transform your business performance.

As we kickoff each new project, your experienced Kantar Engagement Consultant will help you Craft your Personalized Engagement Strategy.


The Engage Plus is a powerful 27-item employee engagement survey built for practical application across organizations in all industries. Use this holistic engagement measure to gain a deeper understanding of your current environment – cultural health and trust, what is working, and what may push engaged employees to turnover.

The Engage Plus survey dimensions and items are clear an actionable, driving your teams to the most impactful paths to change culture and processes while providing evidence-based best practices to ensure success.  Our model is designed to adjust and grow to measure additional relevant or custom key categories (or dimensions) of an organization’s culture and values. We carry the golden thread of engagement through all our standard survey tools geared towards critical moments in the employee’s life-cycle (e.g. on-boarding, exit) to provide a full picture of the health of your talent pipeline and the value of engagement.
The core dimensions in our model are:
  • ENGAGEment

Validation Factsheet

Employee Engagement Model
Employee Engagement Approach - Employee Survey


At the center of the TNS Engagement Model is the essential element of ENGAGE. For each of the three foundational constructs that make up employee engagement (Head (think), Heart (feel), and Hands (act)) we validated two survey items that best measure the essence of engagement.

Our exclusive expansion of the classic model is the second-order focus of each item: drilling deeper into how employees are engaged by their role and the organization. For example, to measure the Heart (feel), we take advantage of items that measure both vigor and dedication.

  • Our six survey items in ENGAGE were also developed to most accurately measure engagement through pattern of response methodology.


In a typical employee survey, when a work group evaluates their results to find gaps or areas for improvement, they normally focus their attention on areas with the most negative results. What this approach fails to do is help managers prioritize their attention, often leading to a lackluster or check-the-box effort to action planning.

The TNS Action Planning Prioritization Model categorizes survey questions into 3 distinct types of employee needs: Tactical, Operational and Strategic. Loosely based on models like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the TNS approach to action planning applies similar principles such as hierarchical structure and the need for fulfillment or engagement along different dimensions.

To learn more about the Model and how this approach can be used in your organization, download our whitepaper

Action Planning Model

Action Planning Model - Employee Survey

Action Planning Methodology

Don't ask a question if you aren't prepared to take action on it...

Action Planning prioritization

“We used the TNS action planning prioritization model extensively which led to consistent improvements across all categories of our employee survey results. We’ve continued utilizing the model to action plan based on the next survey because we have realized that when we have a model to follow, we achieve far greater results as an organization. The model has been adopted by our different facilities and in some cases been messaged in a way that fits those facilities more closely.”