Integrated Action Planning

Our action planning strategy starts with reporting, providing leaders the top three items within their group to focus action. Tips and Suggestions are built into the report to provide leaders with tips to improve upon those areas. We continue to carry our recommended action items into the action planning portal by prepopulating those action items as key areas to begin action plan creation.  Those key items can be chosen or the leader can choose to add additional action plans from any survey topic. Once the key area is chosen, our site easily allows the leader to pull over tips and suggestions into their action plan. Additional manager resources are available based upon linkage to guidebooks from the Center for Creative Leadership.


Our action planning component contains extensive status reporting capabilities.  Especially for your survey administrators, HRBPs, and managers of managers, these capabilities enable them to easily and in real-time get action plan updates on:

  • Number of action plans entered into the system.
  • View the stage of these action plans (e.g., pending, in progress, on hold, completed).
  • Sort and view each action plan created by managers in their part of the organization.
  • Provide comments back to the manager who created each action plan.